Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday recap and Vuvuzelas

Today was not a good day for me. My beloved Indomitable Lions lost at the foot of a guy named Honda (insert Street Fighter 2 reference if you msut), , the Dutch won, and Paraguay blew a lead that they needed to keep. Other than that the World Cup was great today.

Match of the day: Paraguay 1, Italy 1 --> It as an excellent back and forth affair that saw Paraguay take advantage of the few offensive chances they got, but it was marred by a goaltending error that was diabolically awful. How could Justo Villar so poorly misjudge a set piece like that? Needless to say it was most saddening.

I want to take a moment to comment on the vuvuzelas. The long, plastic horns have gotten almost as much press as the football itself. The horns produce a long, never-ending sound that is reminiscent of a swarm of bees constantly buzzing within the stadium. I love them because of the atmosphere they add to the games on television. However, the constant buzzing has caused many a player, fan, and manager to complain and I get it. Can you imagine paying hundreds of dollars for tickets, airfare, lodging, and food to come to South Africa only to have three drunk Serbians blowing a vuvuzela directly into your ear. I enjoy the atmosphere they bring to the match on television, but I'd rather hear the crowd and the chanting that football is known for.

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